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America’s Knowledge-Based Economy

Our country faces a new economic reality, the emergence of the knowledge-based economy. This economy, these “high-value” jobs, require the skills and knowledge attained through collegiate degree programs. The United States is competing globally for these high value jobs and careers and our higher education system must prepare their students for this reality. STEAR Retention works with the school administration and key stake holders to identify and assess existing retention programs and to build an effective and responsive retention program.

Colleges & Universities

Legislatures in 31 states have set goals to increase the overall postsecondary attainment and six year graduation rates. Colleges must prepare an increasing percentage of all high school graduates for these high value careers. The critical need is to close enrollment and attainment gaps for minority, first-generation, low income students and for working adults. STEAR Retention can help colleges identify and prepare a broader group of students for the rigors of college and to identify struggling students during the term.


Students attend college as an investment in their future. They want quality training and they must believe their college will help them achieve their goals. Students feel connected to an institution that is vested in their success. An increasing number of students need additional support to prepare for and transition to college. Student’s often need help and direction at a critical point in their career. STEAR Retention enables the student’s success team to help the student understand the steps to success, overcome obstacles and persist through graduation.

It takes a campus...
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STEAR Mission

Our mission is to devise a system to help struggling students that fits the reources at your school. A combination of strategy, software, instructors student success advocates, student support offices and targeted assistance to your institution to promote student success. The resulting student experience becomes one of positive cooperation and communication resulting in a degree and a better life.

  • Early Alert/ Warning at key intervals
  • Intrusive Intervention
  • Attendance and communication
An afforable Retention System designed for your school.
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  • Strategic Retention Planning

    “We work with you to create a retention plan tailored for your students, your institutional student success goals and existing staffing levels.Each term and each year, we review outcomes, tweak the processes and revise as needed. Goals are set for three periods:

    1. Immediate/Short Term Goals for the initial term and initial year
    2. Intermediate & Ongoing Goals for three years
    3. Long Term Goals to acheive a Campus Culture Change
  • Campus Integration

    Every student should have a support team. STEAR coordinatesAcademic and Student Affairs staff, offices and programs to identify, engage and assist students. The integrated referral system shares progress across campus.

  • Attendance and Academic Alerts
    • Initial Attendance Alerts
    • Academic Progress Early Alerts
    • Midterm Grade Alerts
    • Withdrawal Alerts
  • Pathways & Concurrent Enrollment
  • Student Interaction

    When at-risk are identified via data, surveys or early alerts,students can be assigned to skills workshops, learning centers, tutors, mentors and counselors.

  • Additional Services

    Upon request, STEAR will modify or enhance the retention systemto integrate other campus programs and data.

Engage: Turn struggling students into successful students.
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  • High School Transition and Freshmen
    • High School to College Dual Credit Programs
    • 2 year to 4 year transfer students Community College \ 4 Year College pairs
    • Transfer students at 4 year colleges\Universities
    • Veterans
    • Faith Based Schools
  • Sophomore Year and Upper Classmen
    • Freshman Seminars / Workshops
    • Pre-enrollment Remedial and Prep Courses
    • Mentoring and Learning Center Programs
    • TRiO, Gear-Up, Succeed Program
  • At-Risk and Title III, IV & V
    • HSI
    • HBCU
    • Disadvantaged
    • Disability
  • Pilot Programs

    STEAR Retention is offering PilotPrograms for the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 terms. We will help you implement a program to help more students persist past the freshman year and guide them on the path to graduation. The pilot programs are designed for limited cohorts. Complete the contact form for more information.

It takes a campus...
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